ahhhhh...guas frescas: remedy for the hot, cranky, dusty and thirsty

thirsty thursday
notes from maggie's farm

y'all, it's still hot here.  oh yes, the magazine covers suggest its something they call autumn, but other than a harvest moon (which found itself in a lovely night sky of 95 degrees at 10pm last night), nothing is falling here except my hairdo.  it's hot, i'm cranky, i'm dusty, and i'm thirsty.

the good thing about this weather, (yes there is a bright side, virginia) is that there is still loads of melons in our garden.  melons, squash, and hot peppers thrive in this heat.  a certain farmer keeps planning to till in the vines, to which a certain farmstress objects.  because there's still melons on those vines, you yankee farmer, you. and there are still melons-a-plenty in the markets, too.  so, if you, like me, find yourself thirsty and dusty and a little cranky and need some cooling off, it's a perfect time for melon agua fresca.

aguas frescas, meaning fresh water in spanish, is a water-based drink infused with fruit, seeds, or flowers.  they are primarily consumed in mexico, but are also popular in central america and the caribbean.  the fruit is mixed in a food processor or food mill until smooth.  it is then strained through a wide wire mesh and combined with sugar, agave nectar, or simple syrup and frequently, citrus juice.  common flavorings are papaya, cucumber, hibiscus, tamarind, and barley seed.  for 4 servings of our melon agua fresca, you will need:
  • 1 small cantaloupe, peeled, seeded, and cubed
  • the juice of 4 large limes
  • 1/4 cup sugar (or roughly 2/3 of that if using agave nectar
  • fresh, filtered water 
process or blend cantaloupe, lime juice, and sugar (or nectar).  blend a little more.  and just when it looks right, blend a minute or two longer.  you're hoping to wrangle as much liquid as possible.  strain, discarding solids (which means feed to the chickens, add to muffin mix, or compost. waste not, want not).  add water equal to liquid, or to taste.  chill or serve over ice.  that's it. it's really quite easy.  and a light, lovely thirst quencher that will make you forget how hot, and dusty, and cranky you were.  at least until your glass is empty.  

we're excited about tomorrow.  it's mexican independence day, dia de independencia de mexico, and since saturday is slow food's 5$ challenge, we're throwing the events together.  no cuisine eats as well for as little and we are going to eat like kings on 5$ per person. that's going to be easyeasy and gooood.   see you tomorrow, on freestyle friday, for a feast!

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